Facility Lighting

Architecture Lighting Alliance (ALA) is one of the largest manufacturer reps for lighting and controls in North America dating back to 1945 with sales in excess of $400m.

We have partnered with ALA to bring lighting solutions to our customers.

ALA’s team is capable of providing support directly to end users, as well as the AD (Architectural Design) community. It has 10+ staff members dedicated to lighting design and working with end users to ensure cohesive design that balance aesthetics with maximized energy and cost savings

Additionally, ALA has 30+ employees dedicated to designing, specifying and commissioning advanced lighting controls for all types of spaces - - - specific to this, it has a great deal of experience with hotels and the many nuances specific to their buildings.

Renovation/retrofit projects

  • Our team will work with the end user to identify intent and budget
  • We will then conduct a full scale, granular, audit of the space shat allows us to provide a turnkey proposal that upgrades the entire space with the appropriate LED lighting and controls
  • This granular audit also allows us to easily phase projects out as needed
  • If the client has a labor partner, we will work in conjunction with them to provide the turnkey documents
  • Our team will also explore all applicable utility rebates and federal tax credits to help expedite the ROI and reduce the capital cost
  • If needed, we can also help source funding to provided the project as an “Energy as a Service” project and work from shared savings, allowing the customer to get the newest lighting with $0 out-of-pocket expense

ALA has over 200 manufacturering partners with to ensure we can address every need of the client and accommodate any space or aesthetic requirements needed

While ALA has 200+ manufacturers, Acuity is our leading brand and is comprised of a number of subsidiaries. Acuity is its largest lighting and controls manufacturer in NA with over $3.3B in sales and a long, tenured history.