Diesel Fuel Management

Fuel Catalyst Additive | Better Diesel FBC

Our proprietary fuel borne catalyst formula directly improves combustion and engine efficiency. Fuel Catalyst Additive | Better Diesel FBC The FBC ingredient enhances fuel combustion dynamics during the power stroke of the piston to increase fuel economy 8-14% above factory rated performance. Our customers enjoy more power, smoother, quieter engine operation, fewer active regens, and dramatically lowered soot emissions. Better Diesel FBC® includes additional protection for the fuel injectors. This updated formula is better suited for today’s diesel fuels and high-performance diesel engines. Better Diesel FBC® cleans and prevents build-up of fuel injector nozzle coking deposits and internal injector deposits (IID’s). The treat ratio (dose) of 1:3,200 ensures you are getting the best value for your money in terms of price per treated gallon with Better Diesel FBC®.

Rentar Fuel Catalyst

Simply put, a catalyst is a substance or device that changes the rate and efficiency at which fuel is burned. The Rentar Fuel Catalyst is placed on the fuel lines of diesel engines in trucks, ships, trains, off road  vehicles, other diesel burning engine applications and boiler/furnaces. As fuel passes through the Rentar fuel catalyst – a unique, cylindrical device using precisely manufactured combinations of rare earth elements and refined metals – reactions are triggered that allow the fuel to burn more efficiently.

Operate Your Diesel Engine on Natural Gas

The GTI Bi-Fuel® System is an innovative technology that enables operators of heavy-duty diesel engines to substantially reduce operational costs and lower emissions by substituting diesel fuel with lower cost, cleaner-burning natural gas. The Bi-Fuel® System is comprised of patented technologies that allow engines to safely operate on gas percentages up to a maximum of 70% of the total fuel requirement. Engines converted to GTI Bi-Fuel® exhibit diesel-like performance in such critical areas as efficiency, stability and load acceptance.

  • Converts industrial diesel engines to Bi-Fuel operation by substituting up to 70% natural gas for diesel fuel
  • Save on operating fuel costs by using natural gas with return to 100% diesel operation at any time
  • Allows the use of available or interruptible gas supplies
  • No modification to internal engine components is required
  • Cleaner burning natural gas reduces exhaust emissions
  • Reduces requirements for on-site fuel storage
  • Unique, patented design ensures no loss of power or efficiency

** Cost Saving **
** Increased Run Times **
** Simplified Logistics **
** Reduced Liquid Fuel Storage **
** Flare Gas Reduction **
** Flexible Fuel Rates **
** Reduced Capital Costs **

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