Energy Audits

ASHRAE Level 1 – Simple Audit The first level of ASHRAE energy audit is a simple audit, often called a preliminary or walkthrough audit. A Level 1 audit includes a basic on-site survey of your current energy usage and minimal interviews with key facility personnel. A simple audit also includes a review of past energy bills and other operational costs related to the overall energy usage.

ASHRAE Level 2 – Analysis and Energy Survey An ASHRAE Level 2 audit includes all of the measures of the Level 1 audit but with greater detail and depth regarding the financial analysis of potential improvements. If your business is serious about energy efficiency and reducing operating expenses, the more comprehensive Level 2 audit is recommended as it is more tailored to your building’s unique processes.

ASHRAE Level 3 – Detailed Energy Modeling and Capital-Intensive Investments The ASHRAE Level 3 audit, otherwise known as a comprehensive audit or a technical analysis audit, is the most involved and is most common for situations where major, capital-intensive investments are being considered. If you are looking at overhauling expensive or extensive systems that are integral to the functioning of your business, you should consider an ASHRAE Level 3 audit.

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