Energy Management

Smart Building Monitoring

Smart building monitoring: small commercial to large industrial and resort facilities


The Energy Monitor installs in an electrical panels. It supports either single-phase up to 240VAC line-neutral; single, split-phase 120/240VAC; and three-phase up to 415Y/240VAC (no Delta). We recommend using a licensed electrician. The Vue monitors the total energy use and solar net metering of your home through a simple iOS or Android app. Additionally, you can add 50A sensor bundles to monitor up to 16 individual circuits per Vue.

Pair the Energy Monitor with the Energy Management system to automate your energy use and storage to meet your needs, comfort, and budget. This system consists of Smart Plugs, EV Chargers, Home Battery Systems, and integrated 3rd-party smart devices like thermostats. Use the App to reduce overall energy consumption by identifying and managing wasted energy and providing control over how energy is used throughout the day.

Track energy use in real time! The Energy Monitor doesn't guess what appliances you have. It's connected directly to the circuits you care about, like your furnace, A/C, refrigerator, or solar generation. It monitors them 24/7. You can also add Smart Plugs to monitor the smaller things you care about. You'll know exactly how much energy you're using or generating in real time and historically by the minute, hour, day, week, month, and year.

The Energy Monitor keeps tabs on your energy use 24 hours a day. The App has valuable alerts that protect your facility. Set alerts for times when you approach monthly peak energy use, when you leave lights, when things don't turn off or on, and when your A/C or refrigeration uses more energy than it should.

The Energy Monitor keeps track of the energy used in your home to help you identify appliances and circuits that waste energy and increase monthly bills. The App suggests valuable savings opportunities and also allows you to set alerts to keep you notified when appliances and lights have been left on.

The Energy Monitor also monitors renewable energy net metering out of the box, giving you clear measurements of how much energy is being returned to the grid (and saving you money). With the 50A sensors, you can also monitor your energy generation in real time and historically by the minute, hour, day, week, month, and year.

Small commercial to large industrial energy management and monitoring systems designed to integrate with existing systems or new implementations. We have access to multiple systems that can be customized to a facilities needs. Whether its carbon tracking, energy efficiency, equipment monitoring, or operational efficiencies, we have the system for any client.


Setting up a system to track and report your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions may seem daunting. CLEAResult ATLAS™ Carbon is designed to simplify the entire process. Our experts can help determine which data to use to establish your organization’s baseline carbon footprint in the system. It can then be synched with your current accounting software, automating the data entry process while reducing the chance of human error. An audit trail is created that is compliant with proposed SEC requirements and the GHG Protocol.

Chariot© Enterprise

Chariot© Enterprise FSGʼs enterprise platform provides unprecedented ease of use in controlling EMS systems, equipment and IoT devices. Control your HVAC and lighting via the intuitive interface or automatically through powerful schedules. Track your critical temperature and be notified the moment there is an issue. Chariot© is designed with the end user in mind, allowing you to focus on the things you need the most.

Siemens Site Controls

In today’s competitive retail environment, managing energy has proven to be one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to reduce costs. Seamlessly installed in new, remodeled, and retrofitted locations, the Siemens Site Controls EMS is helping enterprises throughout North America achieve significant energy and equipment maintenance savings while increasing your operational efficiencies. Let our intelligent technology and expert Client Services team do the same for you.